About Us

The Green Party has grown and we now have a record number of local Councillors;  one MP - Caroline Lucas;  three London Assembly members; and two peers - Jenny Jones and Natalie Bennett.

Here in Lincoln, we have yet to gain our first City or County Councillor, which we need to add that much-needed Green voice to the Council chambers to address the critical issues that the other parties are not discussing.

Meanwhile, we're working on local issues  -  to improve the lives of all the residents of Lincoln and our environment.  Social justice is also core to Green Party policies as a society which is unfair to its population is unlikely to be fair to the natural world.

Our vision is bold.  We want an end to the system that keeps hurting the environment and all of us who rely on it.  We want to build a better alternative that is genuinely sustainable.

Our Policies for a Sustainable Society have been written, proposed and voted on by our members.  They are not influenced by lobbyists or tailored according to the latest polling.