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Great results for the Green Party nationally and our local candidates  - watch this space for the details!

Green Party backs ICC in seeking arrest warrants for Hamas and Israeli war criminals

20 May 2024

Responding to the announcement by the International Criminal Court (ICC) that it is seeking arrest warrants for senior Hamas and Israeli officials for war crimes and crimes against humanity, including the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, Green Party spokesperson for global solidarity, Carne Ross, said: 

“The ICC prosecutor’s announcement today sets out in horrifying detail the brutal decisions undertaken by the leaders of both Hamas and Israel.

“Green Party leaders wrote to the foreign secretary David Cameron six months ago setting out how war crimes had been committed by both sides [1]. The UK government must now stop denying the heinous crimes perpetrated by the government of Israel and its defence forces including, according to the ICC, the starvation of civilians, wilfully causing great suffering and intentionally directing attacks against a civilian population.  

“This is a big test for David Cameron who has to date refuted any suggestion of war crimes by Israel and refused to reveal the government’s legal advice. Under the Rome Statute, which the UK helped write, he is obliged to support this ICC process. The government's claim that it supports the international rule of law is being put to the test.” 

Joint Statement with Lord Mann

15th May 2024
Joint Statement from the Co-Leaders and Deputy Leader of The Green Party and Lord Mann, the Government's Independent Advisor on Antisemitism:

“Lord Mann and the leadership team at The Green Party of England and Wales met last week to discuss the important issue of antisemitism. Both parties have committed to continued dialogue and working together to ensure that antisemitism, like all racism, has no place in Green politics and to better educate Green representatives about anti-Jewish racism. The Green Party has taken a series of proactive steps towards these goals but understands that this will take consistent work going forward.”


The local Green Party put up candidates in most Wards in the area - although none were elected. But offering local people the choice of a Green voice is important, so well done to all those who stood.

Carla Denyer

November 2023 Autumn Statement: Greens offer 10-point plan of distinctive tax and spend policies to create a fairer, greener country 

Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer has outlined a 10-point plan of distinctive tax and spend policies aimed at delivering a fairer, greener country.

Denyer said:

“Our 10-point plan identifies around £30 billion of additional funds that would be available from simply rebalancing the tax system so that the super-rich pay their fair share and both people and planet benefit.”

“The extra revenue raised would enable the government to pay NHS staff an inflation-matching pay award, increase access to NHS dentists, increase Universal Credit, abolish the two-child benefit cap, improve bus services and help small businesses take advantage of the opportunities offered by greening the economy."

“ We so need more Greens in Parliament to make the case for the common-sense changes that can deliver a fairer greener country.”

Want to read more?

The 10 Point plan for a Greener future

UK Supreme Court

Greens welcome Supreme Court decision on deportations to Rwanda

Reacting to news that the Supreme Court has blocked government plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer said:
"This is welcome news. The government must now admit that its cruel and inhumane policy is finished and drop it.
"The new Home Secretary has the chance now to turn over a new leaf and make clear that there is no intention to quit the European Convention on Human Rights.
‘He should pledge to create an asylum system that works. That is one with clear, open, safe and legal routes for applicants, quick and efficient determinations and support for resettlement into local communities with properly funded local services.”

Gaza Protest 2014 - Daniel Arauz - Wikimedia Commons

Green Party calls on international community to urge restraint in Israel-Palestine conflict

Responding to the latest developments in the Israel-Palestine conflict, Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer said:

“The Green Party remains horrified by Hamas’s attacks on civilians in Israel.  Nothing can justify such brutal violence.  Hostages must be released immediately.

“These attacks cannot be used to justify disproportionate and indiscriminate attacks on civilians in Gaza. It is deeply worrying that Israeli government ministers and spokespeople are justifying the denial of water, food and fuel to the Gaza Strip – this is collective punishment and is in breach of international law.

“Likewise, the UN has warned that Israel’s demand that the civilian population leave northern Gaza will lead to a civilian ‘calamity’ and has appealed for any such order to be rescinded.

“There is every sign that many thousands of Palestinians will die in Israel’s attacks and many more will be injured and displaced, along with massive destruction of Gaza’s civilian infrastructure.  This is, again, contrary to international humanitarian law and is unacceptable.

“The UK and the international community must urgently call for both restraint and an end to violence.  Destroying Gaza will not end the Israel-Palestine conflict. It will perpetuate the violence for years to come while risking a broader regional conflict.

“To isolate the extremists and find lasting peace, the only option is a political solution based on the end of occupation of the Palestinian territories. The international community must now turn this crisis into the moment where we insist upon a meaningful political negotiation to bring about this solution.

“The government’s decision to send military forces to the eastern Mediterranean significantly escalates UK military involvement in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

“It also risks the UK being dragged into a potential regional conflict, as well as sending an implicit signal of condoning Israel’s military approach in Gaza.  This decision must be urgently reconsidered.”


Photo: 2014 - Daniel Arauz - Wikimedia Commons

Members voting at the Green Party Autimn 2023 Conference


It was a long journey from Lincoln, but lovely to be at the seaside on a sunny weekend.

Over 600 voting members in the hall and about 100 online.

Conference is a time for members from all over the country to get together in person and there is always too much to do in the short time we are together.

As well as agreeing new policy (in Brighton, this was a new section on Roma and Traveller Rights, to be inserted into our Rights and Responsibilities Policy) there are training sesions, fringe meetings and panels with outside speakers as well as our own leadership and Councillors.

Special Interest Groups, such as Green Party Women and Green Seniors, Greens of Colour, etc, also have the opportunity to meet and, because the event was hybrid, even if members couldn’t all make it to Brighton, they could stil take part.

Motions were passed which might not be quite so popular with the wider membership, including an increase in membership fees;  altering the timing of inernal leadership elections to avoid a clash with the General Election – even though we don’t yet know when that will be;  to stand a candidate in every constituency at the General Election.

One thing lacking this time was Regional Tables.  This is exactly what is says – a table for your Region – where you can always find someone to chat to.  It is also a good way of finding out about sessions that you couldn’t get to because of timetable clashes.

It was good to see stalls from outside organisations represented and, amusingly, the organisers had positioned the Green Party Seniors stall opposite “Dignity in Dying”.

With Conference being in Brighton, it might have been an opportunity to discuss why at the local elections in May Brighton lost 13 Green Councillors and now has only seven.  It was a bad loss and it would have been helpful to consider why it happened but there was no mention.


Change the Politics --

Climate Delay is Climate Denial

The Government’s target of approaching net zero carbon emissions for the UK by 2050 was always too little, too late - but to abandon even this limited target now will be disastrous.

To quote Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London:

“This government’s response flies in the face of common sense and shows they are climate delayers.  It beggars belief that not only are they watering down vital commitments, but they are also passing up the opportunity to create green jobs, wealth and lower energy bills – as well as failing to give investors the certainty they need to boost the green economy.”

Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, said:

"This absurd rollback will mean higher energy bills, colder homes, fewer jobs, more air pollution and more climate chaos.   Game, set and match to the climate dinosaurs?"

Presumably, Rishi Sunak is backtracking on the environment in the desperate hope that it is a winner in ULEZ zones but in the process he lets all of us down.


Picture: John Englart from Fawkner, Australia, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons